RAM Heavy Duty Is More Than A Truck, It’s A Trailer Towing Beast In Disguise

Getting work done means having to get the job tackled without excuses. Most trucks can't get that simple fact figured out when it comes to towing, which is kind of silly considering that's one of the reasons why you buy a truck to begin with, right? Enter the new 2017 RAM Heavy Duty. This truck has the guts and the muscle to handle even the largest of towing tasks. Check out this video to see why RAM is the leader in large load towing and always has been.

One of the things that makes this truck the best in its class for towing is the ease of hooking up and unhooking. The center mounted hitch ball in the cargo bed helps balance loads, but it also provides a guide for lining up. The cargo rear view camera lets you keep your eye on the (hitch)ball so that you get the line up right the first time every time. Come down to the dealership and let me show you how this is the truck for all of your towing needs, and heck, all of your truck needs of any kind. It's RAM, and it's the leader for a reason. Visit Dow Chrysler Jeep Dodge to schedule your next test drive.

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